Orlando, FL
Feb. 19-20, 2017

Connected Health - Federal Opportunities and Challenges in 2017 (and beyond)

February 19, 2017
10:10am - 10:45am
Plaza International G-H Ballroom

The American healthcare system is in the midst of a technology revolution. As the U.S. population becomes increasingly connected, there is a growing demand for the healthcare industry to increase connectivity and adopt technologies like mobile-app enabled telehealth and remote monitoring of patient-generated health data.

As the connected health industry evolves, questions linger about privacy, security, reimbursement, interoperability and medical relevancy. Consumers are increasingly adopting digital health tools as healthcare providers grapple to understand how best to incorporate them into their practice.

This session addresses the barriers to the adoption of transformative connected health technologies, the key policy and regulatory issues facing providers, consumers and industry this year and beyond.


  • Identify key legislative, policy and regulatory barriers facing connected care technologies like telehealth and remote patient monitoring.
  • Provide overview of federal legislative, policy and regulatory developments and opportunities specific to telehealth and remote patient monitoring.
  • Discuss the perceived challenges to providers posed by the proliferation of connected health products and services.


Senior Policy Counsel
Connected Health Initiative

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