Orlando, FL
Feb. 19-20, 2017

Geisinger's Journey to Personalized Care Using CRM

February 19, 2017
2:50pm - 3:25pm
Plaza International G-H Ballroom

Geisinger Health System, one of the nation's largest healthcare providers, serving over 45 counties, has embarked on a mission to deliver a personalized experience in all of its patient interactions. This means tailoring interactions based on communication preferences, behaviors and motivations.

For example, diabetes is a condition that strikes many people. Their lifestyles are all different. What motivates them to change are different. Some patients will be self-motivated; for some, a life event such as a grandkid’s graduation will be more effective. Incorporating all of these into healthcare interactions will improve the experience and the likelihood of adherence to (tailored) care plans. 

To enable this personalized experience, Geisinger has developed a system-wide plan to implement customer relationship management (CRM) as the core technology. To explore how this system will work, the organization has embarked on two pilots, one for breast cancer and one for diabetes and obesity for food insecure patients.

This session will share program design and the results to-date.


  • Understand consumer expectations regarding healthcare delivery.
  • Discuss data that will help personalize the experience.
  • Understand the potential role that CRM technology can play in healthcare.


AVP, Informatics
Geisinger Health System
Medical Director
Geisinger in Motion

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