Orlando, FL
Feb. 19-20, 2017
Co-Founder and CEO

Drew Schiller is the co-founder and CEO of Validic. Drew leads the corporate strategy, drives key initiatives and works closely with senior executives at client and partner organizations to stay ahead of the innovation curve. Additionally, Drew sits on the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Health & Fitness Technology Board and contributes to CEA Health & Fitness subcommittees on Interoperability, Privacy and Security and Standards. He is also a member of the eHealth Initiative Leadership Council and participates in the initiative’s Interoperability Workgroup. Before co-founding Validic, Drew started and managed an award-winning web development firm for eight years. He also previously founded and exited a niche dietary nutrition website for patients with celiac disease.


February 19, 2017
9:30am - 10:10am
Plaza International G-H Ballroom

A key goal for Digital and Personal Connected Health @ HIMSS17 is to bypass the hype and explore how healthcare organizations are using digital tools as part of a strategy to truly meet business and clinical goals – to improve care, reduce costs, and engage patients.

In this session, our expert panelists will discuss just that, including how smart phones, apps, wearable sensors, remote patient monitoring, and other digital tools are being used to, among other things, increase access to healthcare services, meet the expectations of different consumer/patient groups, and provide operational efficiencies (for example, adding services without adding staff).

What business models work? Which ones don’t and why? How do you measure ROI? What are the regulatory and reimbursement challenges that impact success?

Digital and connected health in not an end in itself. It’s a strategic ingredient in addressing and succeeding with big themes like pop health and interoperability – themes being explored throughout the HIMSS17 annual conference. This session will examine this connection with practical real-life examples and insights.

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