Orlando, FL
Feb. 19-20, 2017
Division Vice President

Greg is an enthusiastic, results-driven executive with a passion for driving change in healthcare by engaging consumers to improve their health. He has 15 years of experience in product strategy, technology, product design/delivery, and bringing successful products to market.

February 19, 2017
11:20am - 12:00pm
Plaza International G-H Ballroom

Walgreens has emerged as a leader in implementing and evaluating digital health solutions. The pharmacy giant has developed, tested, and disseminated web-, app-, and SMS-based programs focused on improving medication adherence, immunization rates, healthcare costs, behavioral self-management, and health promotion.

In this session, two of the organization’s digital health leaders will present research that demonstrates how technologies including connected and wearable devices are leveraged to improve health and customer loyalty. The discussion will also address, among other things, Walgreens’ partnership with other organizations to integrate apps and devices into its digital ecosystem; and its strategy to enhance current offerings, engage key populations, and expand into telemedicine, tele-pharmacy, and precision medicine.


  • A national pharmacy offering digital health innovations can measurably improve health outcomes.
  • Innovative health technology organizations of any size can benefit from partnerships that deliver interventions and incent patients to improve health.
  • More work is needed for digital health programs to increase engagement of older adults and patients within health disparity populations.

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